UX Design at Google

Most recently I contracted onsite at Google for 15 months as a UX designer for their Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We were using AI to generate powerful recommendations for the GCP's 5 million users.

  • Confronted UX challenges and designed on-brand solutions that met business goals

  • Designed UI architecture, interface, and interaction flow for the GCP web application

  • Presented designs to the UX, project, and engineering teams, as well as project stakeholders

  • Partnered with engineering throughout development to ensure the UX/UI specifications were met

Microsoft Azure UX

I worked briefly on Microsoft's Azure UX team, filling in for a designer on paternity leave. 

I took a senior UX designer's pencil sketches and turned it into this short presentation to pitch her concept to business decision makers.


Teaching Design

I was chair of the Visual Communication department at Trinity Lutheran College for two years, and taught part time at the Seattle Art Institute for several years.

I taught a wide variety of classes such as advertising, UI, color theory, typography, HTML and CSS.