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TalentNet's TalentCommunity

Leveraging the top of the funnel 

Business leadership brought me a challenge: Bring our corporate clients higher quality hires by Increasing the number of applicants applying to their positions.

I researched features that would be likely to increase engagement and applied visual design best practices that I knew would do the same.


Out with the old

TalentCommunity's previous employer overview page was bland with poor visual design choices that made it difficult to read

Employer overview page improvements

TalentNet's white label talent-facing product, TalentCommunity was badly in need of an updated look and feel that functioned perfectly on all screen sizes.


Human faces

I knew that users would respond to human faces in a social and emotional way that could help them visualize working with the employer.

Warm, colorful photography

By creating a design that didn't need to fade out a hero image to be readable, I allowed us to choose bright, warm, contemporary images that would convey a sense of emotion and teamwork.

Speak to the user

Rather than labeling the page with an H1 that said "[Employer] Contingent Workforce Experience," I addressed the benefit working there could offer to the user, "Take your career to the next level." 

Bold, clean design

Rather than ghostly giant numbers overlaying tiny icons, I laid the "How it works" portion out with clean imagery that illustrated the three steps.

Shared values

I created small components for short bursts of copy that would highlight the important values the employer has for their workforce.


I included the option of a large video that would bring working for the employer to life with color, motion, and sound.

Soft invitations

I created two components that would allow users to make a soft commitment without actually applying for a role. 


A slider component would allow the employers to feature a variable number of images and text insights with users.

Repeat the call to action

As the new About page could potentially be much longer than the original, I added a second iteration of the search box that invites the user to the next step in their journey.

Dynamic map

Many of the multinational corporate clients had offices across the globe. Rather than just list those offices, I created an opportunity to see them mapped out globally.

Job description improvements

The job description page had many of the same problems as the overview page, with the added struggle of an extremely wide column for the job description.


Out with the old

It doesn't radiate professional energy, does it?

Repackaged components

Many of the components I designed for the overview page were repackaged to fit into the job descriptions as well.

Readable paragraphs

The old paragraphs were an unreadable width that stretched across the entire screen. I limited paragraph widths to ideal character count for ease of reading.

Phone testimonials

I designed a component that would allow employees at the company to create brief, low-fi testimonials about what it was like to work in their specific department or role. By orienting the video in portrait mode, I maximized the space for the speaker's face and used the orientation that's most intuitive for talking to a phone.


I added subtitles and clean bullets that would allow for professional looking, easier to scan descriptions.

Related roles

I created a component that would share similar roles to provide more options for users.

Saving favorites

I added the capability to save favorite roles so that users could easily get back to roles they weren't able to immediately apply for.

Email a friend

I added the ability to email a link to the job to a specific friend in the event that the role wasn't right for the user but reminded them of someone who would be a good fit.

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