Success metrics, ratings, other platforms, minors, remote mentoring, mentor training, and Google apps

Next steps



Success metrics

We would want to actively use our metrics to monitor our users' experience and drive ongoing design and improvement of the service.



The ability to rate both mentors and mentees could be extremely valuable. There is inherently a power dynamic in mentoring, so finding ways to verify a mentor's interpersonal skills and good behavior seems particularly important.

Other platforms

A desktop web portal could be a great extension of the service, especially in a corporate context where work is done more on desktop than phone. Watches and smart speaker interaction make sense as nice-to-haves.



It seems clear that adults mentoring children and teens is one of the most impactful types of mentoring happening. But it's equally clear that an app pairing minors with adults brings very serious user safety issues.

I imagine that partnering with one or more organizations that already pair adults and young people would be the best way forward. Their own internal background checks and training would be the crux of safety, with the app serving a pairing and scheduling function.


Remote mentoring

The ability to mentor remotely over video feels extremely promising. Because the design prompt named location as a criteria, I decided to focus on in-person mentoring.


Mentor training

Having online training modules for both mentors and mentees seems extremely helpful. Developing a common vocabulary and common expectations would go a very long way.

I think it makes sense to focus on mentor education specifically though, as they have a leadership role. Modules and quizzes establishing the basic values of mentoring make sense as a gateway for mentors. But they would only be as useful as the quality of their research and writing.


Android apps

Many of the Android ecosystem's existing tools would connect nicely with this service, most notably Google Calendar.