The problem

Mentoring is widely agreed to be a powerful tool to help people grow in their personal and professional life. But many potential mentors are often busy and have a hard time connecting with people seeking help.



Mentor Connection is a heterogeneous app with two distinct categories of participants

Mentees may be looking for help with personal or professional growth


Mentors ideally have 5-10 years of experience ahead of their mentees.


Mentees may be looking for help with personal or professional growth.


Scope & constraints


The vision

Connect mentors and mentees through an intuitive, accessible, easy-to-use product that surprises and delights.

Success metrics

I then set out some clear implicit and explicit metrics to define what meeting our user's needs would look like.

Number of matches

If users are connecting then things are headed in a positive direction. The ratio of initiated contacts to successful matches would also be helpful.

Number and length of sessions

How much time users spend together has a big impact on the mentoring process.

Mentor / mentee review ratings

Consistently positive ratings would let us know that users were finding value in the mentoring.

Onboarding completion rate

Users need to successfully move from downloading the app to onboarding to use it.

Uninstall rate

Both the uninstall rate and the timing of uninstalls could provide valuable feedback.

Direct user feedback

Direct user feedback would provide a concrete way of knowing our impact.